Water Valve Assembly

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The Water Valve Assembly (#16670-WAA02) is a critical component of the Radiator & Water Outlet system in Toyota vehicles. This Engine-Fuel part plays the primary role of controlling the flow of coolant between the engine and the radiator. When the engine needs to cool down, the valve opens to allow coolant to flow through. Conversely, when the engine needs to heat up, the valve closes to restrict coolant flow. Using Toyota's genuine Water Valve Assembly (#16670-WAA02) ensures vehicle compatibility and is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. However, it's important to periodically replace this part. An old or clogged Water Valve Assembly (#16670-WAA02) may not control coolant flow properly, leading to engine overheating or inefficient fuel consumption. Remember, a well-functioning Water Valve Assembly (#16670-WAA02) contributes significantly to the efficiency of your Toyota's Radiator & Water Outlet system, maintaining the engine at optimal operating temperatures.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 16670-WAA02

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