Roof Rack Retainer Front

About this product

The Roof Rack Retainer Front (#63451-42020) is a vital component of the Roof Panel & Back Panel system in a Toyota vehicle. It is primarily designed to secure the roof rack in place, ensuring that it does not shift or detach while the vehicle is in operation. It is also responsible for evenly distributing the weight of the load on the roof rack. Just like any other auto part, it may wear down over time and thus, would require replacement. An aged, broken, or non-functional Roof Rack Retainer Front (#63451-42020) can compromise the stability of the roof rack, posing a risk to the vehicle's safety and the security of its load. Using genuine Toyota parts like the Roof Rack Retainer Front (#63451-42020) is highly recommended for optimal compatibility with your vehicle. Plus, these genuine parts come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, the Roof Rack Retainer Front (#63451-42020) plays a crucial role in ensuring the overall efficiency and safety of the Roof Panel & Back Panel system, thereby contributing to a smooth and secure driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 63451-42020

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