Front Fender Side Panel Left Hand

About this product

The Front Fender Side Panel Left Hand (#53832-12360), a vital Body part in the Hood & Front Fender system of your Toyota, plays a crucial role in maintaining the vehicle's aerodynamics and aesthetics. Crafted to seamlessly fit your vehicle's design, this component serves to shield the engine compartment from road debris, and helps channel airflow around the vehicle while in motion. Genuine Toyota parts, such as the Front Fender Side Panel Left Hand (#53832-12360), offer a matchless compatibility to your vehicle and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, elements like weather conditions, minor collisions, or simple wear can damage this part, significantly impeding its functionality. A compromised Front Fender Side Panel Left Hand (#53832-12360) might lead to increased air drag, reduced fuel efficiency, and costly damage to under-the-hood components. By maintaining and replacing this part as needed, you contribute to the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 53832-12360

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