Fuel Pump Lifter Assembly

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The Fuel Pump Lifter Assembly (#23470-WAA01), an crucial part of the Fuel Injection System, plays a pivotal role in enhancing and maintaining the functionality of your Toyota vehicle. This assembly is responsible for creating the pressure required to deliver fuel from the tank to the engine. Its operation is essential for vehicle ignition and performance. Over time, however, this part can succumb to wear and tear. An aged, clogged, or broken Fuel Pump Lifter Assembly (#23470-WAA01) can hamper fuel delivery, leading to poor vehicle performance or even a non-starting vehicle. Therefore, regular replacement with genuine Toyota autogenuine parts is recommended. Genuine Toyota parts are compatible with your vehicle and are protected by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, a well-functioning Fuel Pump Lifter Assembly (#23470-WAA01) is fundamental for optimal vehicle performance, contributing significantly to the overall efficiency and safety of the Fuel Injection System.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 23470-WAA01

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